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german 80s horror pulp cover


Paper dolls with a rocket…


Sometimes a film will not only reuse one costume, but an entire set of them.  In this particular instance, gray uniforms from the 1956 cult classic Forbidden Planet went on to be used in other films.  Forbidden Planet is a great example of not only costumes being recycled, but props as well. Many items from the film would eventually show up in various Sci-fi B movies and television over the years, most notably the television series The Twilight Zone.

The gray uniforms made their second known appearance in the 1958 film Queen of Outer Space, and then again in the 1960 adaptation of The Time Machine.

Costume Credit: Steven

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Masquerade Digest cover painting by Virgil Finlay.

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1952 sci-fi illustration by Paul Malon.



Vintage sci-fi pictures ranging from the 20s to the 60s.

I’m reblogging something that isn’t from the 70s… sorry, guys, but I figured you might want a look at my personal blog, where I dump all the cool sci-fi stuff I find that isn’t from the 70s. 

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Virgil Finlay

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Sci-fi Illustrations by Dan McPharlin


From the paperback:  Uma Espia Em Orbi


From the paperback:  Uma Espia Em Orbi


“Boy meets girl – from Outer Space” by Weegee (Arthur Fellig), c. 1955, New York 

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