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Okay so I love the concept behind this picture but it really irks me that they felt the need to have a bare midriff. like seriously though the rest of the costume is great and makes sense for a superhero. But like really do you know how silly it is.  Like fucking stomach wounds man. There’s a goddamn reason why Captain America doesn’t show off abs. LIke there is no reason to sexualize the costume 

Yo, if people want to cosplay midriff-baring Captain America, let them. That’s the beauty of cosplay. Christ

This isn’t cosplay though, it’s a photoshop of the actress Allison Brie. I agree that cosplayers dressing up for fun should be free to do their own thing, but this was just some “WHAT IF MOVIE CAPTAIN AMERICA WAS A WOMAN” photoshopping that added a bare midriff b/c idk, female characters always have to be “sexy” and that usually means showing off skin b/c thanks male gaze, regardless of what the character would actually wear—because a soldier like Captain America would totally leave their abdomen exposed in a combat situation. (this is like a curse in rule 63 fanart and photoshopping)


I don’t even remember if I did this or not, they all look so familiar _(:3_L)_


HOW ADORABLE IS THIS: genderswapped Beatles (Fanni Bostrom as John Lennon, Audrey Marnay as Ringo Starr, Tasha Tilberg as Paul McCartney and Trish Goff as George Harrison). I like to imagine in this incarnation they are called Mary Beaton, Mary Seaton, Mary Carmichael and Mary Hamilton.

(via The Terrier and Lobster: “Rock the House”: Models Play Music Icons by Steven Meisel for US Vogue)

(Source: earthsuxx)


Photo by mollyjane_k of Twitter, as drawn and retweeted by Dave Gibbons.


drew some gender-bents, while catching up with THE HOUR with my sister!! in their formal wear, because I needed to seriously unwind


credit to akimaro


fem! Prismo and Owl
“Hey Cosmic!”
” Yo Prismo!”


fem! Prismo and Owl

“Hey Cosmic!”

” Yo Prismo!”

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