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Uncanny X-Men 309 (1994) - With no one to teach him, Charles Exavier knew that it was wrong the moment he tried to take away his girlfriend Emelia’s free will. 

All New X-Men 011 (2013) - This scene.  Kitty and the JGS utterly failed Jean by not immediately impressing upon her the wrongness of what she is doing to Warren.  Everyone is uncomfortable, but no one seems at all shocked at what she is doing.  What does it say about the X-men then that two former Villains (Magneto and Emma) are the only ones who remembers that they are teachers first.  Just a thought.

Wha-huh? Kitty and bb!Scott say right here that Jean is out of line and needs to let Warren go, and immediately after this Kitty gives her a stern talking to that her behavior is unacceptable and Kitty will send her back if she doesn’t get her shit together. Kitty was much more instrumental for Jean realizing she was wrong than Emma’s bitter-as-hell “The great Jean Grey!” sniping.

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Jean & Scott, Episode 7 by Max Wittert

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All my favorite women  of the Dark Phoenix saga . Including some of my favorite imperial super guardians oracle hussar  and the queen lilandra.

Only missing the great Moria Mactarget,


What do all these (x )woman have in common. #spoonisforshinyreference #wip

The Dark Phoenix Saga?


Emma & Jean

by Kevin Maguire

kidflash7 asked: Will you ever hook Scott and Emma back up?


 I know I’m going to take my lumps for this but I can’t imagine anything less interesting then getting these 2 back together

 I thought the relationship brought out the worst in them. it made me like them less. consider that chapter closed until I am unceremoniously fired

oh thank god


Variant Edition - featuring X-Men Evolutions

These covers are great, but I always get a little sad that Jean’s “last” costume was New X-Men.

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All New X-Men #18 “Decades Variants” by Julian Totino Tedesco

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