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Jean & Scott, Episode 7 by Max Wittert

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All my favorite women  of the Dark Phoenix saga . Including some of my favorite imperial super guardians oracle hussar  and the queen lilandra.

Only missing the great Moria Mactarget,


What do all these (x )woman have in common. #spoonisforshinyreference #wip

The Dark Phoenix Saga?


Emma & Jean

by Kevin Maguire

kidflash7 asked: Will you ever hook Scott and Emma back up?


 I know I’m going to take my lumps for this but I can’t imagine anything less interesting then getting these 2 back together

 I thought the relationship brought out the worst in them. it made me like them less. consider that chapter closed until I am unceremoniously fired

oh thank god


Variant Edition - featuring X-Men Evolutions

These covers are great, but I always get a little sad that Jean’s “last” costume was New X-Men.

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All New X-Men #18 “Decades Variants” by Julian Totino Tedesco

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