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Jean Grey cosplay by Alexandria the Red

Photo by York in a Box

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Sexy phase at Wondercon today!!
Roxy Richter - marsicistic
Ramona Flowers - kisstini
radiomaru :)

ahaha these guys tagged me in their tumblr post. great cosplays


Me and Enaya are planning a Steven Universe group… Did Pearl test!


♫・*:.。.You oughta see how things appear
When you are up in the stratosphere
You oughta hear how the people cheer
When you are f a b u l o u s LIKE US・*:.。.♫

Pizzazz ☆ FB/tumblr
Roxy ☆ FB/tumblr
Stormer ☆ FB/tumblr
Clash ☆ FB/Tumblr
Photography ☆ thatsnotcanon


She. Was. PERFECT!!!


Cosplay from Orlando’s Megacon 2014  (IGN)



Best, ah, cosplay uh, uh award.

Everything about this is amazing


-Non-Couture Cosplay-

Herbert West- The Re-Animator

Costume by Courtney Coulson

Photography, sets and props by Luke Milton

This shoot was quickly put together after watching all three Re-Animator movies in the past week. The challenge, of course, is to take a character with a very basic costume, use minimal props and set, and still manage to get across the essence of Jeffrey Comb’s iconic Herbert West. It’s really all about the look and the lighting and I’m happy with the results. This is the first time in a while that we’ve used the studio lights, but we used them outside in the carport at night to give us a grittier feel (and a bit more space). And I love making blood!

-Luke Milton

This was a unique challenge as West is such a minimalistic character, alter a single detail about his look and it changes everything. It’s also the kind of costume that only works if you vaguely resemble him to begin with, which considering this is crossplay, I think I at least pass. I didn’t really have to make anything for this costume, I already owned everything except for the glasses, I had to find the perfect frames. In terms of facial expressions and poses, again, I was kind of limited. West is pretty unfazed by any of the events of the films, his usual expression is a stern pout which I tried my best to emulate. And of course the syringe had to be ever present!

-Courtney Coulson


Old Lace at Midoricon 2013

Shenanigans during the mariokart race! The race track ran right by our cabin! I had Old Lace chilling out our cabin practically the entire weekend as our mascot but i threw on my gert wig and glasses for a short time.

Then a Mario came by and thought he had a chance against my dino. Sorry but bowser is a pansy compared to OL.

Then there was some racing between Gert and OL

Photos by CTgraphy

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