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puttin on the ritz

Some gifs of my sexy illuminati dorito cosplay from today of NYCC!


I am the ultimate giant woman


Jean Grey(X-MEN) | Hybryda

photo by studiozahora.eu

yay, I made it on time : D

well mostly, still need to shorten a wig, and maybe do new buckle X”D abit larger and a bit different


3 visions of Lis 
Wendy of Dystroplis crafted and modeled her rendition of Bryan Lee O’Maley’s Character “Lis” from his book Seconds. 

Now this shoot was strictly just for fun so it was just me and the model and i wanted to play around a little bit so i did a few scenes, with easy and quick setups, also most of the post editing in photoshop was primarily done with just curves and layer masks. 
Nikon D800, ISO500, 85mm f2.0 1/6sec
Shot with a small umbrella fill with a nikon Speed light slightly camera left and a red gel speedlight to model right.

Nikon D800, ISO4000, 35mm f1.4 1/60sec
Short simply just ambient light. City behind me and city sky as the backdrop..

Nikon D800, ISO2000, 35mm,  f1.6, 1/20
Shot with camera on tripod and a speedlight in hand feathered a bit model left for just a little punch.


Best cosplay of the year? Yep, calling it early.


Fem!James “Logan” Howlett - Marvel Comics 

Wig styling/claws - Me
Photo - https://www.facebook.com/chadcosplay

Some really cool shots of my fem!James Howlett cosplay I wore to SacAnime Summer 2014!  Overall I really love this cosplay!  

This was the first time I ever tried styling a wig (so much pain and hairspray) but I think it turned out well enough!:)  I also started working out more to get in shape for this cosplay (even more pain but surprisingly less hairspray lol).


Crystal Gems in the Dragon Con parade


Jean Grey cosplay from Classic/All-New X-Men

My friend was trying to tell me how much I looked like All-New X-Men Jean and when I looked back I realized we even had the same haircut! This was a really fun costume and SUPER comfy and someday I’d like to get a whole first class group cosplay together so we’ll all match!

Cosplay by Marilla Costuming ( beleggs )

Photos by Silhouette Cosplay ( theshatteredsilhouette )


I realise there are hundreds of Mystique costumes out there but pffft I wasn’t feeling especially original today :)

Mehron Paradise paints

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