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Belated SPX post!

So, Small Press Expo is the first comic convention I’ve been to in nearly a decade, and I didn’t know what to expect. But lo, it was amazing. Total sensory overload, but amazing.

  • I met Adrian Tomine, Carla Speed MacNeil, Gene Luen Yang, Scott C., Meredith Gran, Kate Leth, Mike Holmes, Spike and contributors to Smut Peddler, Danielle Corsetto, Chad Sell, Jess Fink, Justin Hall, and a bunch of other awesome artists and creators I’m probably forgetting because COMICS, COMICS EVERYWHERE
  • Everyone was super nice and enthusiastic about the show. Several of the artists I met were awesome and threw in bonus sketches while signing books. I picked up No Straight Lines at the Fantagraphics booth not realizing Justin Hall was right there in front of me, and he drew a cool “Stay fabulous!” pic inside. When signing my copy of The Great Showdowns, Scott C. asked if he could sketch me, so now I have a super cute mini-portrait inside. (just imagine that I’m facing down my enemies off-page.)
  • The universal reaction my name spelled out was “Oh, wow.” I know, I’m still not used that g in my name either.
  • Kids! Kids buying comics! The children are our future! Seriously, it was great seeing kids—many, many of them young girls—happy to be there. There were girl scouts excitedly flocking to Danielle Corsetto’s table, and a good showing of kids at the YA comics panel with Gene Yang and Raina Telgemeier, asking questions and wanting to start making comics. It was cavity-inducing, I tell you.
  • I’m still kinda mentally exhausted so I’ll keep this short, but SPX was a great show full of awesome and diverse creators and fans. I’m very happy I was there.
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