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the most important thing in comics today is that the kawaii wolverine panel by kris anka is in uncanny xmen 24


Dandy buttslap gifed.






Okay so I love the concept behind this picture but it really irks me that they felt the need to have a bare midriff. like seriously though the rest of the costume is great and makes sense for a superhero. But like really do you know how silly it is.  Like fucking stomach wounds man. There’s a goddamn reason why Captain America doesn’t show off abs. LIke there is no reason to sexualize the costume 

Yo, if people want to cosplay midriff-baring Captain America, let them. That’s the beauty of cosplay. Christ

This isn’t cosplay though, it’s a photoshop of the actress Allison Brie. I agree that cosplayers dressing up for fun should be free to do their own thing, but this was just some “WHAT IF MOVIE CAPTAIN AMERICA WAS A WOMAN” photoshopping that added a bare midriff b/c idk, female characters always have to be “sexy” and that usually means showing off skin b/c thanks male gaze, regardless of what the character would actually wear—because a soldier like Captain America would totally leave their abdomen exposed in a combat situation. (this is like a curse in rule 63 fanart and photoshopping)



Hey there, wonderful artists of the internet!
I’m publishing a Wild Zero anthology/fanzine for SPX this year: full of illustrations, comics, and writing about everyone’s favourite Japanese, slapstick, zombies, aliens, "Love knows no boundaries, nationality, or gender!", rock-and-roll film.
In case you have no clue what I’m talking about: Wild Zero is a Japanese rock and roll zombie film from 1999. The trailer is up on YouTube (they play up the gore in the trailer but it’s not that bad in the film) and the wiki has slightly more info. If you like zombies or rock and roll: I would definitely recommend this flick. The specs for the anthology itself are below:
LENGTH: 1 to 6 pages
DIMENSIONS: 5.5” 8.5” portrait (Safe area 5” x 8”. Full bleed 5.75” x 8.75”)
FULL COLOUR or BLACK AND WHITE (email if you’re using halftones)
RESOLUTION: 300 DPI or higher 
DEADLINE: Sunday, August 3rd. 
The profits from the books will be split between two charities: one LGBT-youth oriented and one music-oriented. [I’ve currently chosen The Center (an LGBT Youth Center in San Diego I’m familiar with) and the Fender Music Foundation. The prior may be subject to change if I can find a charity specifically focusing on homeless LGBT youth.]
For submissions included in the book, I’ll be compensating each artist with 5 copies they can sell at conventions.
Send submissions (or questions) to me at dukes.rachel {at} Gmail.
Please share and reblog. I love this film and want to create something fun with others who enjoy it as well. Remember: rock and roll never dies!

Deadline is looming. If you’re interested in submitting, give me shout. I’ll totally extend the deadline. I want all of you in this!

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Founding Avenger Janet Van Dyne will be pre-emptively killed off in Marvel's "Ant-Man" movie. 




This is egregious bullshit.


yeah ok after GotG i am done with the MCU

this is vile

Given that Jan isn’t named specifically, I suppose there’s a thin chance that the dead wife is Maria Pym, Hank Pym’s little-known first wife who died under mysterious circumstances in the comics. But since Hope Pym is the daughter and Pym & Wasp in the comics and there’s no other mention of Wasp having any kind of presence in the Ant-Man movie (wtf) this bodes ill. (The “dead wife makes scientist sad” plot point is gross regardless of who it is, but.)

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Young Romance #197


Young Romance #197


Almost done with this semester’s work!


Almost done with this semester’s work!


Adventure Time - Princess Day 

"Death has come to your little town, sheriff." - Halloween (1978) (X)

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