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Allegri has noted that Bee and Puppycat has several style and story influences, and the most obvious of them all may be Sailor Moon. In a 2013 Comics Alliance interview, Allegri stated “It’s all Sailor Moon, definitely.” Bee is a contemporary, 20-something Usagi Tsukino (or Serena for my dub watching peeps), but instead of struggling to keep up her grades like Usagi, Bee struggles to hold down a job. In the series pilot, Puppycat appears in a flash of light, knocking Bee to the ground as she walks home after being fired from her latest job, just as Usagi literally stumbles across Luna, the sagely feline guardian in Sailor Moon.”

—LB Royal, "She is the One: Bee and Puppycat (the Comic)!"


Capsule Gang Reunion
AKIRA Vol. 6
By Katsuhiro Otomo

This is how I introduced MST3K to a friend


imageI love the show and I’ve gotten to quoting it with some friends online. One never saw it so I sent this screen shot of the episode I was watching. I don’t regret this being their introduction to the show. 


this gif of buff chris evans having to pretend like he can’t do a push-up is so important to me. 


(Source: ishtakhaba)


When your favorite character gets injured





The Onion’s AV Club is now posting great recap coverage of Steven Universe- They’re now doing a trial run of the next few episodes to see if readers are interested, so give them a visit and show your support!

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